Exploring Dominica – The Adventure Island

Known as the Caribbean’s adventure island, Dominica is without doubt the perfect spot for thrill-seeking families, with gorgeous volcanic scenery, stunning waterfalls, boiling lakes, hot springs, secret coves, a permanent pod of sperm whales, oh and no poisonous snakes or spiders. Heaven! In honour of the anniversary of our visit (after which we hit our first lockdown), I felt it was a good time to record our adventures on this amazing little island. … More Exploring Dominica – The Adventure Island

Our Family Goals for 2021

Last year for the first time, I shared and committed to our family goals on this blog. Somehow, pledging our plans in this way meant we were all much more motivated to achieve them. And although we didn’t succeed with everything, we did complete some feats of which I’m really proud. This post documents our family plans for 2021 from a biodiversity project, to more microadventures to endurance, skill and personal challenges (including a crazy plan to run 100km in 25 hours for the adults!). Can’t wait to get started! … More Our Family Goals for 2021

52 Microadventures

One of our family goals for 2020 was to complete 52 microadventures, defined as “adventures that are short, simple, local, cheap – yet still fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding.” We stretched this definition a little as there were a few exciting adventures we wanted to experience further afield. We’ve finally achieved our goal and this post reviews our year of microadventures which turned out to be the perfect antidote to the difficult 2020 Covid pandemic. At various points, we all pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones, tried new activities, made the simple feel special and exciting by adding a new dimension, and had a ball in the process! … More 52 Microadventures

Carving Out Time for Yourself

For busy parents, especially at this time of year in the crazy run up to Christmas, it can be so hard to find time for yourself. To take time to stop and breathe; move away from the relentless to do list and instead do something you enjoy, an activity that nourishes your soul. This post is about doing just that – gifting yourself the time to be creative, manage your physical and mental health, and socialise with your tribe. … More Carving Out Time for Yourself

Five Autumnal Lockdown Microadventures

I don’t know about you, but I’m so much happier if I’ve spent a good chunk of time outside in the fresh air. As are our kids, although it can be hard this time of year to encourage them into the great outdoors. Having a focus and making it into an adventure makes it so much more appealing. Here are five autumnal microadventures that we’ve enjoyed recently, which can all be done during the lockdown period. … More Five Autumnal Lockdown Microadventures

Microadventures in Devon

As psychologist Claudia Hammond says, “The more we move away from our regular routine, and the more conscious we are of what we’re doing, the more slowly time seems to pass.”

So, to live in the moment, we need to actively engage the underused conscious parts of our mind – those needed for learning new skills and trying new activities or novel experiences.

This blog post (co-written by Bean11 and me) shows how we incorporated a series of microadventures into our Devon holiday to do just that. … More Microadventures in Devon

Secret Spy Missions

The Beans are currently obsessed with anything spy related. So, when a friend laid out his idea for a secret spy mission which would see the children navigating themselves across the countryside on foot and by kayak, solving puzzles and collecting important documents on route, I knew this would be right up their street! This post documents their first two missions, along with plans for future assignments. Super simple to set up, hopefully it will inspire you to plan one of your own for some summer spying fun! … More Secret Spy Missions

Our Endurance Week from Home

This week, instead of an adventure holiday in the Lakes which we’d had to cancel, we decided to set ourselves the crazy challenge of completing an endurance week from home… With four days of demanding physical challenges and one day of mental/practical tasks, this week has pushed us all out of our comfort zone both physically and mentally. It’s been fun and tough at the same time, and the kids have been brave, overcoming pain, motivation issues and exhaustion to complete their ambitions. In the process, I’ve watched as their mindsets have strengthened and their self-confidence and self-esteem have bloomed. Read on to find out what we got up to. (Please note that I spent some time ordering the posts into categories, so now you should be able to find a post more easily by clicking on the menu at the top of the site). … More Our Endurance Week from Home

Canyoning in Dominica!

Today for something a little different on the blog. Back in February, we were lucky enough to squeeze in a trip to the most beautiful island of Dominica. Known as the Caribbean’s adventure island, it is without doubt the perfect spot for thrill-seeking families. One of our favourite days was canyoning along a lesser known part of the Titou Gorge – abseiling, traversing and cannonballing along this stunning ravine is a memory that will stick with me forever. Here’s my first attempt at editing a video to give you a taster of this awesome experience! … More Canyoning in Dominica!

Our family goals for 2020

For me, the time between Christmas and New Year is one of reflection about what worked well as a family and what we achieved in the year, as well as planning our family goals for 2020. This post documents our commitments for the upcoming year from walking, cycling or kayaking 732 miles to more time outside completing microadventures to service projects helping others. … More Our family goals for 2020