Perfect Books for Christmas Gifts (10 years to Young Adult)

In this house, delving into a good book, and discovering its hidden exciting new worlds, characters and possibilities, is the best way to relax. We’ve selected five excellent books from six age categories which would make the perfect Christmas presents for the young people in your lives – this post covers the first three categories, from 10 years to young adult. Look out for my next blog post with recommendations for ages 3 to 10 years – coming soon! … More Perfect Books for Christmas Gifts (10 years to Young Adult)

What We’re Reading

I’m in the process of compiling a guide of our top 100 book recommendations for each age category. So, we’ve all been busily researching and reading away to make sure we haven’t missed anything exceptional to recommend on top of our existing favourites. To give you a taster, here are some of the best books we’ve read recently in the 9-12 and teen/young adult categories. … More What We’re Reading

What We’re Reading

Bean11 recently had to write a letter from her future self (from the year 2060) as part of an acting creative challenge she’d been set. This quote from her letter really made me smile:
“In this decade, there are billions of books in thousands of genres. In fact, the first of each month is a ‘reading day’, where everyone, all across the world, devotes their entire day to reading.”
To me, this sounds like bliss! Sticking with this theme, here are the books each of us are currently enjoying/have just finished. … More What We’re Reading

Bean10’s Favourite Books

Today we have a treat: a guest post from Bean10 about her favourite books of all time. Because let’s face it, in this period of lockdown, is there anything better than snuggling down (or indeed sitting up in a tree!) with a good book, letting its words flow around your head, and carrying you off into another world? Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration from her selections. … More Bean10’s Favourite Books

The Power of Historical Stories for Children

Reading historically based stories to support our studies is a key part of our homeschool. Snuggled together on the sofa, these books have brought the lives of historical characters such as Florence Nightingale, Marie Antoinette or the first settlers in Virginia right into our living room. This post looks at how powerful these tales can be, inspiring curiosity and developing empathy and self-evaluation skills in their readers. … More The Power of Historical Stories for Children

What Can Board and Card Games Teach Your Children?

Playing a game is both a wonderful way to connect with your clan and, at the same time, significantly aid their development, in skills ranging from logical thinking to collaboration to perseverance. All whilst having a giggle! This post looks at why games can be so powerful and shares some of our favourites. … More What Can Board and Card Games Teach Your Children?

The breadth of reading in one homeschool day…

Reading is a hugely significant part of our life; books are integral to our home education journey. As I reflected on what we completed in homeschool last Wednesday, I realised the variety of literary genres covered in just one day was fairly substantial. So, for anyone interested in what homeschool looks like for us, I thought I’d share a day in our life through the books we read. … More The breadth of reading in one homeschool day…

Igniting their Imagination: Story Writing Ideas for Children

A post for your budding author – some simple ideas to inspire children struggling to get started with their story writing. Use exciting story openers, change the perspective from which the story is written or have a go at imitating the style and structure of a successful children’s author to create a fictional story based on a true historical event. … More Igniting their Imagination: Story Writing Ideas for Children