Our New Blog – An Adventurous Education!

We’ve moved to a new space on the web – we have a shiny new blog combined with a name change to reflect our family’s lifestyle and educational approach! We’d love you to continue to follow our adventures at http://www.anadventurouseducation.com. All new posts about our home education, adventuring and worldschooling (we’re hopeful for a lot more travel more this year, God willing!) will be over at the new site.

Please come and join us there, and if you sign up to our community, you’ll receive a free carefully chosen list of book recommendations by age, with over 450 exceptional selections.

So, what are you waiting for? Come over to An Adventurous Education and we’ll help inspire your family to “excel outside the classroom!”
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Running Our First 100km Ultramarathon

It’s been a cathartic process to write up the highs and lows of our latest crazy adventure, so if you’re interested to find out what it’s like to run/walk/hobble through 100km, in the format of 4km loops run on the hour, every hour, for 25 consecutive hours, read on… And just a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported us virtually, in person or through your sponsorship. And particularly to Will and Ellie for completing this mad challenge with us! … More Running Our First 100km Ultramarathon

The Benefits of Children Playing Team Sport

With the onset of the sun, our lives have been consumed with all things cricket related. During the many hours spent watching Bean10 play, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to observe and reflect on the huge benefits to be gained from being part of any team sport.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” Phil Jackson
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Learning How to Wild Forage

For many years, I’ve had the desire to learn the old-age craft of searching for my own food in the wild rather than a supermarket, but my own ignorance and fear of accidentally picking something poisonous held me back. So, when I happened upon a local and highly rated foraging course, I booked us all straight in! Read this post to find out more about our latest microadventure! … More Learning How to Wild Forage

30 Family Movies to Watch with Your Tweens/Teens (that Parents Will Love too!)

At the beginning of the first lockdown, we instigated a now much-treasured family tradition of a Saturday family movie night. Here are thirty of our favourites – some classics, others recently released; some light-hearted, others more serious and poignant – all of which will be loved by tweens/teens and adults alike. … More 30 Family Movies to Watch with Your Tweens/Teens (that Parents Will Love too!)