Finding Balance in Your Homeschool Life

Choosing how best to spend time on your home education journey is never easy. The combination of a total freedom of choice with what feels like complete responsibility for nurturing those most precious to you can be incredibly daunting. But fear not – this post encourages you to worry less about whether you’ve chosen the best curriculum and focus more on finding the right balance for your family’s needs. … More Finding Balance in Your Homeschool Life

30 Family Movies to Watch with Your Tweens/Teens (that Parents Will Love too!)

At the beginning of the first lockdown, we instigated a now much-treasured family tradition of a Saturday family movie night. Here are thirty of our favourites – some classics, others recently released; some light-hearted, others more serious and poignant – all of which will be loved by tweens/teens and adults alike. … More 30 Family Movies to Watch with Your Tweens/Teens (that Parents Will Love too!)

What We’re Reading

Bean11 recently had to write a letter from her future self (from the year 2060) as part of an acting creative challenge she’d been set. This quote from her letter really made me smile:
“In this decade, there are billions of books in thousands of genres. In fact, the first of each month is a ‘reading day’, where everyone, all across the world, devotes their entire day to reading.”
To me, this sounds like bliss! Sticking with this theme, here are the books each of us are currently enjoying/have just finished. … More What We’re Reading

Homemade Cryptic Advent Calendars!

One of our most treasured Christmas traditions is our reusable Advent calendar, filled with cryptic clues which, once deciphered, lead the children to a hidden note with a simple Christmas-themed activity for that day along with a random act of kindness. To fit in with our studies, this year will be entirely Victorian-themed, with Victorian puzzles, crafts, decorations, recipes and games. To spread the love, the Beans have also sewn a cryptic Advent calendar each to gift to their cousins and filled it with cute little clues as to the hiding place of their daily chocolate coin! … More Homemade Cryptic Advent Calendars!

Why Homeschool?

There is always an influx of children into the world of home education in September time, so I thought it would be useful to do a post on why homeschool in the first place (bearing in mind that homeschooling in normal times is very different from home education throughout a lockdown experience). Here we look at all the advantages in terms of the academics; mental and physical health; socialisation; flexibility; and family as a whole. … More Why Homeschool?