How to Plan a Project with Your Child

Millions of children are now home educating for the very first time. Many of them have been given the wonderful opportunity of completing projects about topics of their own choosing. But, given the rigidity of the normal school timetable, with little opportunity for autonomous learning, have students been equipped with the skills to manage such an independent project? And, how do we as parents help them develop these skills, whilst simultaneously allowing them to maintain control over their studies? This post aims to help by sharing some of the ways we tackle projects in our homeschool. … More How to Plan a Project with Your Child

Planning a lapbook country study – Indonesia

As I’ve mentioned many times before, my two Beans (and I) LOVE learning about other countries. They relish the opportunity to find out about the people, their language, culture and religions; the flora and fauna; the geography; and the history of countries very different from their own. So much so in fact, that they asked … More Planning a lapbook country study – Indonesia